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Insurgency 2 - Kick Starter

Aug 09 2012 06:50 PM | SnakeDiver in Insurgency

Insurgency Is Back!!

Some of you may have already heard that New World Interactive has taken over the development of Insurgency and is bringing to market Insurgency 2.

For the last few months, a few TDB members have been taking part in the Alpha and helping NWI with bugs, features, and general testing. But now NWI wants to rollback the covers and start showing off more of Insurgency 2.

A couple weeks ago, they launched a Kickstarter Campaign for the release of Insurgency 2, and they need our help. Here's your chance to pre-order Insurgency and help the project.

Head on over to Kickstarter and if you like what you see, throw a few bucks there way. $15 will pre-order the game.

New Gameplay Video

Checkout the new gameplay video!

Want to Help Out?

The Kickstarter Campaign has less than 30 days remaining to raise $180,000! They're at $37,000 now. If you can, help out and lets get some INS2 action going!

Hell, maybe they'll add a tank that Toad can hide on top of.

... wait a minute, at the $360 level they'll put artwork in the game somewhere. Perhaps a tank shaped like a Toad? We could have something here :)


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