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Insurgency 2 coming soon!

The game developer New World Interactive is working on Insurgency 2 in the moment.

Insurgency 2 is a standalone online PC and Mac game that puts the player in strikingly realistic modern day conflict zones. The original Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat was first released as a free mod on Steam back in 2007, and has since been downloaded by over a million people and formed its own small but dedicated gaming community.
NWI has assembled the original core team to make a remastered version of the game, which will expand the game to include 'Unrest in Chechnya', 'Revolution in Libya' and 'Piracy in Somalia'. The game will be ported from the 2006 version of Source Engine to the most recent version of the engine that was used for Portal 2, featuring HD graphics with new and improved levels and gameplay. The Insurgency will return to Steam in 2012.

On the Facebookpage of NWI: https://www.facebook...orldinteractive you find the following entries:

January 17, 2012:

Exciting things happening with Insurgency 2! We've been internally play testing for about 2 months now. The game is fun, stable and improving vastly. We're about to begin a family & friends alpha, and start looking for a publisher to help us finish the game and spread the word. Thanks to all the INS fans who have stuck around and motivated us to take this thing to the next level. This project just continues to get more exciting as it progresses!

February 17, 2012:

We will be at Game Developers Conference, San Francisco, March 5-9,2012 - GDC with a first look at Insurgency 2!

Insurgency 2 Webpage: http://www.insurgenc...x.php?page=home

Insurgency 2
Facebookpage: https://www.facebook.../insurgencygame

More on this: http://tdbgaming.net...-2-coming-soon/

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