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-|TDB|- Welcomes Minecraft

Jun 01 2011 04:21 PM | SnakeDiver in Minecraft

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Come play on TDB's Minecraft Server!

As of Today, TDB officially has a Minecraft server. Head on over to the Minecraft Server forum for details on how to connect!

The Details
The server is a 20 person Minecraft server. You can feel free to be creative, roam the world, go on adventures, and partake in the joys of Minecraft.

The server has Bukkit enabled and we will be adding new Plugins as our minecraft community wants them.

The server is not a public Minecraft server,it's intention is for TDB members and friends of TDB members.

The History
I started running this server about 6 months ago, and a few members of TDB have asked for details about joining it. This server used to go under the title of 24/7 Snake's Mincraft Server, but has since been renamed to TDB's Minecraft server with the majority of people playing on it being TDB players.

I still have friends (and friends of friends) who play on it, as do the original populators of Minecraft. So don't be alarmed when you see non-TDBers in there. I welcome you to invite your trusted friends, but if any of them break the rules they will be banned.

The Admins
There are currently 4 admins on the server: SnakeG (myself), Sc0rch, Lister371 (Kyron), Bntly (a non-tdb member who has been with the server since Day 1).

Feel free to ask the Admins for help and assistance. But know that asking for items is cheating. And if they decline, please don't bug them.

You can find more information, and connection details here.

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