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Minecraft Items For Sand Contest

Minecraft Items For Sand Contest

The attached image depicts the following items that can be used for the Minecraft Sand-Off.

The image depicts items that are Red. These are included for completeness and may or may not be able to spawn directly from Creative Mode. Players with OP who are participating will have their OP removed before the contest begins.

There are also the following notes on items:

  • Sapplings are allowed but CANNOT grow into trees when juding starts
  • Pistons are allowed, but must have a useful function. They cannot be used as a building block.
  • Webs can be used as decoration but cannot be used to hold up structure - CANNOT attach to ceiling
  • Stairs (53, 67, 108, 109, 114) can only be used as a staircase, they cannot hold blocks up.
  • Half-blocks (44) are similar to stairs and can only be used for step-ups or caps
  • 2x half-blocks cannot be used at all
  • Fences (96, 101) can only be used as fences. They cannot hold blocks up
  • Beds must be functional
  • Chests must be functional (must be able to open.. so no blocks above them)
  • Trap doors must serve a purpose